July 15, 2017

Nana's House

Days have been hot; perfect for hours and hours in the pool.

Alaina has re-introduced us to In and Out, Der Weinerschnitzel, Manhattan Bagel and Jamba Juice! (Yes, my stomach does hurt but not from the food but the laughing!)

Two of our other granddaughters have joined us and our great-granddaughter has spent time with her aunts and cousin.  There is actually a tent in our family room, a full size, honest-to-goodness tent, not your typical blankets and table tent!

Brinley was surprised by the mermaids that showed up.  The girls were very secretive about the changes but they did say, "If a mermaid was to magically show up in a pool, it would definitely by Nana's pool!"  (melt my heart)

She loved the mermaids but caught on that there was very little magic involved!

Got to go! We need to stop off for bagels and smoothies and then head out to my folks house.

We're taking the violin with us. Mom and Dad will love the personal concert.

Can a person have too much fun?


  1. No! You can never have too much fun :) Enjoy!

  2. There is no such thing as too much fun making memories with grandchildren...Enjoy!

  3. It all sounds perfect! I love the mermaid. Enjoy your time with your family! -Jenn

  4. Sounds wonderful. I hope the good times are continuing. Take care.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun family time, which is great as we well know from having just spent time with ours this past weekend! I am a first time visitor whi stopped in from Baili's blog after she posted about her award for which you nominated her. She graciously provided a link to yours. It's great fun to discover other blogs and do feel free to drop in and visit ours anytime, and I will catch up on some of your past posts, Toni.

  6. The mermaid is incredible! How do they swim in those suits??

    1. Sandi, you have to swim with your whole body. great for building core muscles. The speed they get is incredible!


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